Grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Many businesses claim to provide market-leading products and deliver superior service. Can they back it up? Tundra doesn’t simply talk the talk, we walk it every step of the way…

Go Beyond With Tundra

What sets Tundra apart from other technical staffing firms? Innovation. For us it’s not a cliché -- we truly embrace it. We serve an industry thriving on technology, and we are committed to advance it. Since launching in 2004, we decided that to find the right people for our selective clients, we'd better be every bit as progressive in our thinking and execution as they are. As a result, we have now been recognized as North America’s fastest growing staffing firm since opening our doors

Innovation Never Sleeps

How does a staffing firm tap into innovation? We started by devising a host of proprietary systems that can't be found anywhere else. These systems include Tundra’s TrueIC compliance systems, Tundra’s onboarding portal and Tundra’s contractor loyalty just to name a few. All have played an integral role in our clients' success and along the way have seriously raised the bar in the staffing industry.

At Tundra, innovative thinking never stops. Our recruiters, talent ambassadors, and internal associates offer a fresh perspective. Our associates always seek innovative ways to improve internal processes - The Tundra University program and The Tundra Scrum as two examples.

How do we know where and when to innovate? Rather simply filling large databases, we focus on developing strong relationships with candidates and clients. As a result, we gain an intimate knowledge of your business, which in turn allows us to devise innovative and unique solutions. Our team aspires to become an extension of yours, adding to but not replacing your recruiting capabilities. We get there by asking a lot of questions and listening to your goals. If you're filling a single job or building an entire team, we consider your needs today and what it will require tomorrow.

Tundra's recruiters, talent ambassadors and internal associates come from diverse backgrounds and share a common goal of providing unparalleled service. We're in the relationship business, so we focus on developing and building strong, reliable partnerships with clients and applicants. We take the time – no matter how long it takes -- to get to know your business. With that knowledge, we move on to market-exclusive processes to find and secure the best qualified applicants—for you.