Let us Help Define what MSP Should Mean to You

The industry defines an MSP as everything from a Managed Service Provider to a Master Staffing Provider. On its own, MSP is nothing more than an acronym meant to represent a solution that helps to manage processes and technologies related to contingent or contract talent. 

Tundra understands that businesses today face unique challenges and have very particular needs. Applying a one-size-fits-all solution fails to address the complexities that organizations face. It is with this understanding that Tundra has built the industries most flexible MSP offering. The Tundra Talent Solution team offers a broad selection of services to help manage your contingent staffing requirements.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions:

MSP-Lite – Do you already have the technologies in place and simply need help managing intake sessions and vendor evaluations? We have an experienced team ready to help.

MSP Back-Office – Are you comfortable managing suppliers and just need help activating and tracking the requisition process? Let us show you how.

Total Talent Management – Do you require a comprehensive solution to streamline and simplify the contingent workforce supply chain? Let us deliver the technology, people and processes to manage your program from requisition to payment and every step along the way, so you can focus on key business drivers.

Tundra’s Talent Solutions combine procurement and recruitment expertise with leading technologies to deliver flexible and scalable solutions that provide visibility, compliance, savings and ultimately, value.

From an innovative MSP-Lite offering to comprehensive total talent management solutions, Tundra’s Talent Solutions group has the people, experience and technology to support your organization.