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The industry defines MSPs as everything from a Managed Service to a Master Staffing Provider. On its own, MSP represents a solution helping to manage processes and technologies related to contingent or contract talent.

Businesses today face unique hiring challenges and organizational complexities that factor into your talent ecosystem. Tundra has built the industry’s most flexible MSP offering services that help manage contingent staffing requirements.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

MSP-Lite – Are the technologies in place? Do you need help managing intake sessions and vendor evaluations? Our experienced team is standing by.

MSP Back-Office – Are you comfortable managing suppliers and wish to activate and track the requisition process? Let us show you how.

Total Talent Management – Do you require a comprehensive solution to streamline and simplify the contingent workforce supply chain? Let us deliver the technology, people, and processes to create a powerful talent ecosystem and help manage requisitions to payments every step along the way.

Tundra’s Talent Solutions combine procurement and recruitment expertise with leading technologies to deliver flexible and scalable solutions, provide visibility, compliance, savings and, ultimately, value.

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