Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Today’s dynamic economic landscape is constantly evolving; talent acquisition is a critical success factor. Workforce planning, a very challenging task, requires scalable, global recruitment solutions allowing efficient and effective responses to changes in business requirements.

Tundra-On-Demand provides clients with highly scalable and consultative recruitment services focused on driving optimal hiring results. Companies engage Tundra-On-Demand to supplement their entire talent acquisition team or for a limited scope of services for a particular business unit, group of positions, initiatives, projects and/or geographies.

RPO Benefits

  • Reduced time-to-fill — Tundra’s Hunt-Gather-Thrive recruitment strategy accelerates the process
  • Measurable and reportable results — SLA- and KPI-driven metrics and outcomes
  • Technology — Tundra-On-Demand can integrate with existing systems or provide the most innovative technologies to support your program.
  • Consistency — Streamlines recruiting functions across multiple regions / business units
  • Elite talent — A global team with global reach allows us to attract and secure top talent
  • Centralization — Global account and vendor management provides centralized programs
  • Quality — Tundra-On-Demand comprises a multi-tiered team of sourcing and screening experts

We understand that releasing recruitment processes to an RPO partner can carry risk. At Tundra we become an extension of your brand, working to assimilate ourselves into your culture. Once we fully understand what is important to your team, we can build an innovative talent acquisition strategy, which allows Tundra-On-Demand to act effectively as brand ambassadors pursuing top global talent.

Tundra-On-Demand RPO can be tailored to deliver as much or as little necessary support. Need an end-to-end program? Or simply a recruiter-on-demand? Tundra-On-Demand is the perfect solution for permanent hiring needs.