Tundra-on-Demand: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Today’s economic landscape is dynamic, and as businesses continuously evolve, talent acquisition remains a critical success factor. Workforce planning can be a challenge as companies require scalable, global recruitment solutions to allow them to respond efficiently and effectively to changes in business requirements.

Tundra-on-Demand provides clients with highly scalable and consultative recruitment solutions focused on driving optimal hiring results. Companies can engage Tundra-on-Demand to supplement their entire talent acquisition team or for a specific project, business group or new or challenging location.

What Is Tundra On Demand?

Talent Talks investigates Tundra’s RPO solutions for an in-depth look at how our clients find success with Tundra-on-Demand.

Scalable. In-house. Flexible.

Our-experienced recruiters can quickly become an extension of your brand, integrating seamlessly into your company culture. Once we understand what is important to your team, we can build an innovative talent acquisition strategy, allowing our team to act as brand ambassadors pursuing top global talent.

Reduced time-to-fill — Tundra’s Hunt-Gather-Thrive strategy accelerates recruitment efforts by streamlining the vetting and screening process to submit quality candidates fast.

Measurable & reportable results — SLA and KPI-driven metrics offer transparency to ensure your RPO team is performing to your standards.

Technology — Tundra-on-Demand seamlessly integrates with your existing HRIS and VMS systems. If you’re looking for the next generation of Total Talent Technology, opt in to  implement TalentNet’s direct sourcing platform to attract candidates to your brand.


Tundra-on-Demand is tailored to deliver recruitment support to your HR and Talent Acquisition team during an influx of hiring. Need an end-to-end program? Or simply a recruiter-on-demand? Explore our services

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