Contingent Labour Recruitment

Contract staffing, the heart of Tundra’s expertise, is our key operating principle. Since 2004, we have perfected our methods, team and recruitment strategy but have never deviated from our goal to be the “number one choice for top talent.” Central to our success, Tundra’s vision, finding great people, is only the beginning. Our ability to ensure contract resources are motivated and engaged ensures successful placements. Finding and managing the most sought-after resources has helped Tundra receive award-winning global recognition.

Benefits of Contingent Labour

|     Speed
     |     Precision
     |    Flexibility
     |     Cost Efficiencies

Business moves at the speed of light. To stay competitive and relevant, organizations continuously look to drive innovation while focusing on core businesses. Choosing Tundra for contract recruitment allows companies to focus on their expertise while we focus on ours: “connecting the best contract talent with our clients.” Utilizing contract staff helps reduce costs associated with recruitment while allowing organizations to scale quickly. This is true whether organizations augment workforces ramping up for a major project or as part of cost-saving initiatives.

Tundra Full-time recruitment Services

Driven to find sustainable growth, businesses find the biggest obstacle is not their products or services. There is a different challenge – the talent and leadership needed to secure and sustain growth critical to an organization’s success. But finding people is only the beginning. Finding the ‘right people,’ and finding them at the ‘right time’ is essential.

Tundra works with your team to build a talent acquisition strategy, with our recruitment team deploying your brand and our networks, attracting and engaging the planet’s very best talent. ‘Recruiting’ resources is NOT enough, ‘HUNTING’ and ‘GATHERING’ top talent for clients ultimately allows their businesses to ‘THRIVE.’ Our searches have no boundaries, ‘no stone unturned.’ With a global network and database, Tundra provides full-time recruitment solutions that are truly international.