Payroll & Employer of Record

An organization’s most valuable asset is a great team that knows what drives your business towards success. We encourage and facilitate referrals within your contingent workforce by providing complete payroll processing and Employer of Record Services to help consolidate your hiring practices. This approach reduces overall costs per hire, increasing new hire performance while giving your contractors a sense of belonging at work.

Mastering The End-To-End Candidate Experience

Talent Talks investigates why Tundra’s innovative approach to Payroll and EOR solutions can help build a total talent management strategy.

Bridge the gap between your contingent workforce and a seamless employee experience

Employer of Record Services

With Tundra’s integrated contractor management process, we’ve streamlined and perfected the full worker experience from onboard to offboard and everywhere in between. We know Independent Contractor classification and compliance is an important aspect of mitigating risk on behalf of your organization. Tundra seamlessly manages this entire process end-to-end, collaborating with you every step of the way.

Employee Engagement

Tundra recognizes that contingent workers can feel left out of the overall benefits provided to full-time employees within their organization. To bridge that gap and offer a true sense of value and belonging, we’ve created the Contractor Bridge offering exclusive discounts and benefits to our contractors with the help of hand-selected partners. Our dedicated engagement team works directly with contractors to ensure their needs are fully met in their current role.

True Independent Contractors

To mitigate client risk, Tundra contractors are adequately and properly vetted by our TrueIC test. Clients can rest assured as we have processes and questions in place to confidently classify a true independent contractor or Tundra employee.


Tundra’s global payroll team provides fully managed temporary employee and independent contractor payroll support 24/7. We are experienced in ensuring tax compliance from HMRC to the IRS, ensuring risks are reviewed and mitigated in every transaction and our onboarding to offboarding process is automated and efficient.

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